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Stronghold management group provides condominium management in Toronto and many areas surrounding in the Greater Toronto Area. Every city we operate in has a specific set of needs required customized management plans to suit the local rules and regulations. 

With over 30 years experience in property management - Stronghold Management can quickly adapt to cater to a variety of property types and community needs. 

As one of the leading property management companies in the Toronto area, Stronghold Management Group is pleased to provide property management services to the below areas. 

If you do not see your city listed but are located in close vicinity please reach out to us to see if we can help with your property management needs. 


Stronghold Management group has proudly been providing providing property management in Toronto for the past 30 years. Toronto has the largest most diverse population of any city in Canada. Stronghold Management is a proud property management company in Toronto, we understand the diverse needs of the population and property types. 


We proudly provide Markham property management services. Markham has been called Canada’s High-Technology Capital, and is home to our head office. We are very familiar with the Markham area, our head office has been operating in Markham for many years. Property Management Markham 

york region

York region is a diverse area North of Toronto  that encompasses Richmondhill, Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford and Stouffville. We provide property management services to York Region and the surrounding area. We offer Richmondhill property management, Newmarket property management, Aurora property management and Stouffville property management services. 


We offer Mississauga property management to Canada's sixth largest city. With a diverse population and landscape Mississauga property management companies must be able to adapt to a variety of community needs. 

durham region

Services are available for Durham Region property management, for those who Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering home. We have extensive property management experience east of Toronto and can adapt to this culturally diverse area to provide Oshawa property management, Ajax property management, Pickering property management. 


Brampton is located west of Toronto in the greater Toronto area, its population is quickly growing to be one of the largest cities located in Ontario. We provide Brampton property management services to a diverse set of properties. 


Stronghold Management Group provides Scarbourgh property management services. Scarbourgh is a region within Toronto located East of the city. 


London is nestled west of Toronto and proudly called the Forest City. We provide London property management services. The growing population in London makes it a hotspot for new development and London property management companies are becoming more needed to service the expanding developments across the region. 


Stronghold Management group provides property management services west of Toronto in the Grand River community.  Grand River consists of an area on the western fringe of the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario, this area overlaps the eastern portion of southwestern Ontario and includes the cities Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford. We provide Kitchener property management, Waterloo property management, Cambridge property management, Guelph property management and Brantford property management. 

Halton Region

Halton Hills has a growing population of just over 60 thousand people and includes Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown. We provide Oakville property management, Burlington property management, Milton property management, Georgetown property management. 


Vaughan has a growing population of over 300 thousand people. It has a diverse population and Stronghold Management Group is proud to provide Vaughan property management services. 

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