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Condo Property Management

Experienced Condo Management For Your Toronto-Area Property?

Stronghold management group makes condo property management stress free. Thanks to our 30-years of award-winning administrative, community, financial, and maintenance services. Stronghold has had the pleasure of providing its services to condominiums for over thirty years, in fact since the inception of condominiums. Stronghold made the conscious decision to specialize in the condominium management field, and we believe that our dedicated staff, along with the unique and ambitious programs we have pioneered and developed over the years help to make us the leaders in this industry.

at Stronghold Property Management we provide:

  • Partner with the best property management company in Toronto.

  • Benefit from our 3 decades of condo management experience.

  • Provide your investment with the protection it deserves with comprehensive maintenance services.

  • Our licensed condo property managers ensure your building complies with all regulatory requirements.

  • Dedicated team to provide full financial and administration services

  • Rest easy leaving your condo property management to Stronghold.

We create a customized management program that includes any or all of these services to suit your specific needs of your condo corporation.  

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:


Community Services 

Our condo property management programs focus on communication with tenants and other community stakeholders. Administrative services for condo management in Toronto include ensuring compliance with all of the provisions of the Condominium Act and the governing documents for each unique condo corporation.


•   Regular Management Reports

•   Recording and preparation of minutes

•   Notices

•   Newsletters

•   Community Websites

•   Prompt responses to homeowners’ concerns

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