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Business Consulting

Consulting Services

Stronghold’s personnel have a wealth of experience and expertise and are ready to provide consulting services where ongoing contracts may not be required or desired. We offer a wide range of consulting services covering various aspects of property management, including advice on financial, administrative and physical building management.

Business Consultation

Who do we work with?

We manage a variety of investments across Toronto, the GTA and The United States. Companies that may wish to use Stronghold Group Investment Management include; 

  • Small, self-managed condominium corporations

  • Co-operative and co-ownership organizations

  • Prospective owners of condominiums or other rental properties 

  • Present and prospective owners of small and large investment portfolios

  • Small and large businesses

The best part about our investment management services in Toronto is that we offer custom packages. Pay only for what you need - when you need them. 

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