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5 reasons you should attend an AGM

Unit owners should attend an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for various important reasons that directly impact their investment and community. Here are five compelling reasons why unit owners should participate in AGM meetings:

Decision-making and Voting:

AGM meetings are a critical forum where unit owners can exercise their voting rights on important matters such as electing the management committee, making changes to bylaws, and looking into the corporations financial position through audited financial statements. By attending, unit owners can actively contribute to shaping the direction and governance of the property or community.

Staying Informed:

AGMs provide a platform for the management committee to present director reports, updates on property maintenance, ongoing projects, and other pertinent information. Attending the meeting ensures that unit owners are well-informed about the current state of affairs and future plans, enabling them to make informed decisions and voice any concerns they may have.

Community Engagement:

AGM meetings foster a sense of community and enable unit owners to connect with fellow residents, management, and service providers. Building a strong sense of community is essential for harmonious living and addressing common issues that affect everyone.

Transparency and Accountability:

By participating in AGM meetings, unit owners encourage transparency and accountability from the management committee. It allows them to raise questions, seek clarifications, and hold the committee responsible for their decisions and actions, promoting good governance within the community.

Influence on Property Value:

AGM decisions can significantly impact the property's value and overall living conditions. By attending these meetings, unit owners can contribute to maintaining and enhancing the property's appeal, which can positively influence property prices and investment returns in the long run.

In conclusion, attending AGM meetings empowers unit owners to actively participate in the decision-making process, stay informed about community matters, engage with their neighbors, ensure transparency and accountability, and safeguard their property investment. It is an essential responsibility for all unit owners to actively participate in these meetings to create a well-managed and thriving community.

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