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Addressing the Lack of Condo Managers Entering the Job Market in Toronto

Ontario's booming real estate market has witnessed a rapid rise in the number of condominium developments in recent years. With this surge in condominiums, there is a growing need for skilled and qualified condo managers in Toronto who can effectively oversee the day-to-day operations of these residential communities. However, the industry is facing a significant shortage of condo managers entering the job market in Ontario. In this article, we explore the reasons behind this shortage and propose a collaborative approach involving property management companies, the government, and condo board members to encourage more professionals to pursue careers in condo management.

Understanding the Lack of Condo Managers

Several factors contribute to the current shortage of condo managers in Toronto. Firstly, the industry lacks visibility, with many individuals unaware of the career opportunities available in condo management. Unlike other fields, such as real estate or property development, condo management often goes unnoticed, leading to a lack of interest among job seekers.

Secondly, misconceptions about condo management roles hinder the influx of professionals. Many people perceive the job as mundane or administrative, failing to recognize the dynamic and challenging nature of the role. As a result, talented individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications may overlook condo management as a viable career option.

Additionally, the absence of standardized education and certification programs tailored specifically for condo management further discourages potential candidates. While courses and certifications for property management exist, they often lack specialized training in the unique aspects of condo management.


To address the shortage of condo managers entering the job market, a collaborative effort involving property management companies, the government, and condo board members is necessary. Here are some strategies that can be implemented:

  1. Raising Awareness: Property management companies and industry associations should work together to promote condo management as a rewarding and fulfilling career option. This can be achieved through targeted advertising campaigns, educational seminars, and participating in career fairs to reach a wider audience.

  2. Enhancing Education and Certification: The government, in collaboration with industry experts, should develop specialized education and certification programs focused on condo management. These programs should cover topics such as legal and financial aspects, conflict resolution, and effective communication within a condominium community. Establishing recognized credentials will help attract more qualified individuals to the field.

  3. Offering Apprenticeships and Internships: Property management companies can create apprenticeship or internship programs to provide practical experience to aspiring condo managers. This hands-on training will not only attract fresh talent but also equip them with the necessary skills and industry insights.

  4. Mentoring and Networking Opportunities: Condo board members and experienced condo managers can play a vital role in mentoring aspiring professionals. Building a network that connects newcomers with seasoned experts will facilitate knowledge sharing, career guidance, and professional development.

  5. Incentives and Support from Government: The government can introduce incentives such as tax credits or grants to property management companies that actively invest in training and development programs for condo managers. This financial support will encourage companies to prioritize the recruitment and training of new talent.

The shortage of condo managers in Ontario's job market poses a significant challenge for the efficient operation and management of the increasing number of condominiums. However, through a collaborative effort involving property management companies, the government, and condo board members, it is possible to attract more individuals to the industry and address this shortage effectively.

Raising awareness, enhancing education and certification programs, offering apprenticeships and internships, providing mentoring and networking opportunities, and offering government incentives are all critical steps in encouraging professionals to pursue careers in condo management. By working together, we can ensure a steady supply of qualified and skilled condo managers who will contribute to the growth and success of Ontario's condominium communities.

Condo Managers in Toronto or the surrounding area are encouraged to reach out to us to discuss possible employment opportunities. We are always looking to add skilled condo managers to our growing team.

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