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Condominium Spring/Summer Maintenance

Owning a condo in Toronto or the GTA means that you will have some maintenance upcoming for the warmer season.

Performing certain maintenance during the spring and summer to your condominium property can help prevent larger costs down the line. Good condominium property management companies will guide condo owners on these maintenance practices.

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Read below for a checklist of general spring/summer maintenance activities you may need to perform on your property.

Spring Condo Maintenance Checklist

☐ Switch furnace filter

☐ Inspect attic insulation

☐ Inspect sump pump operation

☐ Clean humidifier

☐ Test and reset exterior ground fault circuit interrupters (GFIs)

☐ If you have walkways or driveways inspect them for any cracks or other damages caused from winter weather

☐ Turn on exterior water supply

☐ Inspect caulking of windows and doors for air or water leaks to prevent damage or high heat/ac costs

☐ Inspect exterior finishes for any repairs needed from winter weather

☐ Check window screens

☐ Tidy window and door tracks from winter debris

☐ Annual maintenance for furnace and air conditioning system

Summer Condo Maintenance Checklist

☐ Annual inspection of AC for efficiency

☐ Wash and make any necessary repairs to window screens

☐ On a dry sunny day, air out your basement if you have one

☐ Perform annual clean of clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space under the dryer

☐ Perform annual clean of exhaust fans and vents in kitchen and bathrooms

☐ Check the humidify levels in your home. Ideally they should be around 30-50%

☐ If you have window wells inspect them to ensure they are clear of debris. Clean outside windows on units and balconies.

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